History has been made. For the first time, a major political party has nominated a woman to be their standard bearer for the Presidency of the United States. That woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

After a hard fought primary campaign with tens of millions of votes cast, Secretary Clinton has emerged as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. That last, highest, hardest glass ceiling in our society is only months away from finally shattering.

We at Penn for Hillary are extraordinarily proud of the many months spent organizing, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and advocating on behalf of Hillary Clinton, culminating with a convincing win in the Pennsylvania primary and a strong showing of support on Penn’s campus. The enthusiasm and tenacity of Secretary Clinton’s supporters on campus has been infectious and refreshing in what can be a cynical environment.

But our work is just beginning.

We want to commend our friends at Penn for Bernie for being great partners in catalyzing campus political discourse and registering hundreds of new voters. However, the time to unite our party has arrived. If we don’t unite, we risk, as Senator Lindsey Graham put it, electing a “'race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” by the name of Donald Trump.

We hope to work with Penn for Bernie, Penn Democrats, Independents, and thoughtful Republicans to ensure that one of the most qualified public servants in the history of the republic has HER right hand raised on the steps of the U.S. Capitol come January 20, 2017.

We are one step closer to witnessing the torch of leadership of the Democratic Party pass from the first African-American president to the first woman president. And yes, the symbolism matters. Parents and grandparents can say to their daughters and granddaughters that, yes, you really can be whatever you want to be. That is a monumental step towards empowering women and girls to pursue a life in public service.

Even after twenty-five years of sustained attacks on her competence, Hillary Clinton has emerged as the Democratic Party’s nominee because she has been, and always will be, a fighter.

As president she will fight for economic equality while reinvigorating the great American entrepreneurial spirit. She will fight to ensure that all Americans, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background have a shot at the American dream. She will fight to protect our environment, keep our standing in the world strong, keep our shores safe, and try, as she says, to “make a America whole again”. That’s the America we hope to leave for our children and grandchildren.

Eight years ago, in her concession speech to then Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton detailed to thousands gathered in Washington D.C. why she chose to run for president.

She explained, “I entered this race because I have an old-fashioned conviction that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their dreams. I've had every opportunity and blessing in my own life, and I want the same for all Americans. And until that day comes, you'll always find me on the front lines of democracy, fighting for the future.”

We at Penn for Hillary are proud to stand next to Secretary Clinton, her team, and her millions of supporters on the frontlines of democracy.

We are proud supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We are proud Democrats.

And most importantly, we are proud Americans.

Let’s continue the fight.